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Vision and Mission

The School Vision

Saint Anne School is a loving flame that shines and brightens the world through the graduation of outstanding students humanly, scientifically and morally; generations of creative, independent and responsible work to serve their homeland and contribute to building tomorrow’s society.

School mission

Saint Anne is an accredited quality educational institution aims to:-

  • Establishing love in the hearts of its students and instilling the values and principales laid down by our founder, Saint Jean Antide.
  • To provide disting wished education at the cultural, rational and social level in order to form open young women and starting points in a changing and evolving world.
  • Develop a love of knowledge and a desire in education and work.
  • Gain skills and methods to win a successful life to be a good citizen to serve her country.
  • Respect for the individual regardsless of his/her abilities.
  • Providing the needs and requirements of team work and school projects enriched by self knowledge and skills.
  • Integrating and accompanying students with different and varied
  • Encourage self-assessment and continuous training of the teacher and the learner.
  • Applying the latest educational and technological developments that serve the learning process.
  • Manage the institution /sincerely and neutrally according to high ethics through an administrative team in a world that is constantly changing.
  • Achieving the foundations of partnership between the foundation, parents and educational partners to reach the desired goals.


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